“Solar Panel Cleaning”

Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirty panels could be costing you extra money!

Looking for a solar panel cleaner? Well look no further –NORTHERN SUBURBS WINDOW CLEANING – can come and take all the hassle out of keeping your panels in top shape, to helping you get the very best out of your investment. Dirty solar panels decrease the amount of sunlight that reaches the special cells which in turn reduces the output. ’Dirty solar panels can lose up to 35% efficiency’ (CSIRO TESTS) You go to the effort and expense of installing solar panels, so get the maximum output from them. Ideally cleaning your panels should fit in with the regular maintenance schedule of your premises, for example every quarter, half year or annually.

How we clean your solar panels

Purified water is the best way to clean your solar panels. The water is purified through a special filtration system, no chemicals are used and this has many benefits. If you use a water tanks to harvest rain water for drinking, household or garden usage there is no risk of chemicals getting into the water tanks. There is no risk of damage to waterproof seals on the panels and no water spotting or chemical residue remains when the panels dry.

Where possible we clean the panels from the ground using telescopic water fed poles that have soft brushes and this allows us to operate with high levels of safety from the ground without the need for ladders or being on the roof.

How often should you have your panels cleaned?

I recommend getting them cleaned twice a year, but in saying that, at least once a year is better than not at all. Say spring! Ready for the summer months, then autumn ready for the winter months. “Ask about our special rates for our reliable, ‘year round’ scheduled service”.